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Washington and Lee U. Students Demand Removal of Washington and Lee Photos from Diplomas

Woke crusades against Founding Fathers and our nation's history continue -- to the degree that students are now rebelling against the historic people who are included in their college's names and charters. The most recent outrage comes students who want to attend college, gain from their experiences and graduate with a diploma -- provided that diploma does not include the actual historic images the school is named for. Washington and Lee University, in Lexington Virginia, was founded and named for real people – George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Despite this, students attending the college (who applied to the school ...Continue reading

How Democrats are Actually Destroying the Environment

In discussions of public policy, Americans see the same destructive cycle again and again. Democrats talk loudly about inequity and crisis and declare we must all run headlong into an expedient solution — their solution. But upon further review, we routinely discover that liberals want to put a band-aid on a festering wound. Democrats’ cure ends up making the problem far worse. So it goes with our precious environment. Democrats have raised their voices sharply, drowned out dissenting opinions and are rushing to save the planet from climate change. Although the science is far from settled, Democrat “solutions” are now ...Continue reading

Senate Democrats Propose European-Style Tech Regulations

Democratic leaders have proposed new privacy laws in an attempt to rein in the large tech companies in the U.S. after confidence in these companies has been shaken due to a series of scandals that exposed the personal data millions of consumers in the U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell, the top Democrat on the Senate commerce, science, and transportation committee, wants to “provide consumers with foundational data privacy rights, create strong oversight mechanisms, and establish meaningful enforcement”. The Consumer Online Privacy Rights Act (Copra) is similar to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation of 2016, in that it would force ...Continue reading

San Diego State ‘Pronouns 101’ Event: Misgendering a Person Is Like “Stabbing” Them

Stabbing someone is assault -- with potentially deadly consequences, but that does not stop the far left from equating this type of violence with using the wrong pronoun for someone, even if they have only recently made the switch to another gender or changed their preferences. One college wants us to be so sure about proper pronoun use that they are hosting an event to explain to the less woke among us that misgendering is as severe of a crime as actually stabbing someone with a knife. San Diego State University is hosting an entire event designed to get students ...Continue reading

Election 2020: Trump Support SURGES in Recent Polls

In their lust to overturn the 2016 election results, House Democrats appear to be digging their own political grave as support for the president surges in recent polls. Since President Donald Trump stunned Washington insiders by upsetting Hillary Clinton, Democrats have been in a state of complete and utter denial. They put up a candidate who violated national security protocols by arrogantly keeping a secret personal server in her home and shared classified information. Hillary slept through the Benghazi terrorist attacks after denying Americans military support, then lied about what caused their deaths. Frequently selling influence as Secretary of State, ...Continue reading

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