4 Reasons the Roger Stone Trial Matters

Roger Stone has embraced the spotlight going back as far as the Nixon Administration, and the show trial that is underway is the last crumb of the great Russia witch hunt.

Taxpayers ponied up $32 million to fund the partisan Democrat assault on President Donald Trump only to discover that leftist, deep state operatives conspired to craft a treasonous coup d’état. Many have been exposed, fired, and the Department of Justice has launched a criminal investigation into the Russia origins.

That being said, Mueller’s band of angry Democrats targeted enigmatic Roger Stone during the Russia hoax in an effort to strong-arm the president’s closest friends, allies, and political strategists. Paul Manafort was convicted of money laundering charges unrelated to the campaign or Russia. Ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen rolled over like a cheap “you know what.” Stone not only stood his ground, he thumbed his nose at Special Counsel Mueller with style. That’s basically why he now faces charges that could land him behind bars for a maximum of 50 years. Although the Democrat-led Russian conspiracy narrative is in our rearview mirror, the Roger Stone trial matters on several fronts. These are things you should know about the rigged trial.

1: Why Roger Stone was Investigated

The political operative and self-proclaimed “dirty trickster” has been sowing the seed of chaos and misinformation all the way back to President Richard Nixon. The “agent provocateur,” as he calls himself, works only on behalf of Republican candidates, and his resume includes presidents Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and Bob Dole. He is considered a long-time ally and loyalist of Trump’s. He has been in Democrat crosshairs for decades, and the phony Mueller investigation allowed liberals to go after him.

2: Roger Stone is a Fake News Media Target

Special Counsel Robert Mueller tapped the FBI to conduct a pre-dawn raid and arrest of Roger Stone at his Fort Lauderdale home on Jan. 25. Mueller’s team of notorious leakers tipped off the organization most associated with fake news — CNN — to have camera crews in waiting.

A reportedly 29 FBI agents in full tactical gear adorned bullet-proof vests and stormed the premises while the street was littered with flashing lights. They even brought an armored vehicle to arrest the 67-year-old semi-retired political consultant. Fewer officers were tasked with bringing down Bonnie and Clyde, and less firepower was used by Seal Team Six to take down Osama bin Laden. The leak and show for the cameras demonstrate that Roger Stone is a high-value liberal media target, and Mueller’s angry Democrats worked hand-in-glove with the likes of CNN. As the three-week trial unfolds, expect the fake news media to run a variety of false narratives designed to smear the president.

3: Obama Judge Shows Bias Against Roger Stone

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson is overseeing the trial. She was appointed by Obama and remains a card-carrying liberal Democrat. The country has already witnessed Obama judges unlawfully resist and obstruct the Trump Administration’s America First policies. Roger Stone is now feeling the sting of bias and injustice.

In the early stages of jury selection, Judge Jackson has made it clear that a potential juror could harbor hostility toward President Trump and sit in judgment of Stone on this politically-charged trial. Jackson immediately warned Stone’s legal team that federal employees who worked for Obama could not be excluded from the jury pool. The judge promptly denied a motion to have a woman who served Obama in the Office of Management and Budget removed. While the judge is obviously stacking the deck against Stone, what’s startling is that the former Obama employee was the very first potential juror.

4: Roger Stone’s Rights are Being Violated

The Obama judge steering the case toward conviction issued a rare gag order that prohibits Roger Stone from defending himself in public. Social media and fake news outlets have already mounted a case against him. The jurors will hear and see misinformation after leaving the kangaroo court each day. In a show of Democrat partisanship, Judge Jackson supported prosecutors that were concerned Roger Stone’s words would push back against the fake news media.

“At best, Stone’s efforts could create the misimpression that this case is about issues that are not charged in the Indictment, and risk the trial ‘devolve into a circus,’” prosecutors argued. “But worse, it could confuse prospective jurors or color how they later view the actually-relevant evidence and understand the Court’s instructions about that evidence.”

Judge Jackson slapped a gag order on Roger Stone that violates his right to free speech and due process of law rights. Team Mueller and Democrats continue to leak strategic and out-of-context information designed to “confuse prospective jurors or color” their views. The 67-year-old faces what could be a life sentence if convicted by the Democrat-infused jury. He will undoubtedly be used as a pawn by the biased and fake news media to undermine President Trump. The entire charade is rotten to its core.

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