Election 2020: African-American Support for Trump Trending

The Democratic Party has done irreparable harm to African-Americans, and they are responding in kind by turning away and backing President Donald Trump.

Democrats were southern slave owners before the Civil War. Later, they founded the Ku Klux Klan, were segregationists, and perpetrators of Jim Crow laws. The left managed to persuade Black voters following the Civil Rights movement that Republicans were their adversary, and the reason they had not made the same socio-economic gains as white Americans. After more than 50 years of liberal policies that ensnared African-Americans in welfare dependence, abortion genocide, and a generational lack of top-tier education and employment opportunities, Black voters are exiting the Democratic Party.

A recent dustup between President Trump and Baltimore Congressman Elijah Cummings put the failed Democrat policies on trial in the media. The president curtly called the Democrat-run city “a rat and rodent infested mess,” and “the worst run and most dangerous anywhere in the United States.” While Democrats attempted to twist these facts into race-baiting propaganda, even liberal outlets such as NPR have done full documentaries on the rat explosion in Baltimore. The fake news media has been stunned to discover that not only did African-American support for President Trump not wane, it continues to rise.

Early August polling conducted by Rasmussen found that President Trump support among black voters has risen to nearly 30 percent during the summer. Much to the chagrin of Democrats, Baltimore residents were not strung along by attempts to enflame their emotions by calling the president a racist. In fact, Baltimore voters want answers about why the city’s unemployment rate remains nearly 2 percent above the national average, and approximately 24 percent of families are suffering below a poverty line of $20,090 per year.

The struggles of inner-city African-Americans are not limited to Baltimore. High crime rates, poverty, gun violence, homelessness, and sub-standard school systems are pervasive issues in Democrat-run cities. These are precisely the issues that Democrat politicians have promised to address time and time again. During the run-up to the 2016 election, President Trump asked African-Americans a straightforward question. “What have you got to lose,” by voting Trump and GOP?

Unlike the career Democrat politicians entrenched in the Washington, D.C., swamp, President Trump put the question to bed through his actions. Despite national resistance from the left, President Trump engineered an economic revival for all Americans. African-Americans are currently enjoying the highest employment rate in recorded history, and wages are rising. Latino-Americans are similarly experiencing a wealth renaissance with homeownership reaching new peaks. Facts about America First policies have a funny way of canceling out fake news and propaganda.

That being said, black leaders continue to voice their opposition for failed Democrat promises. Candace Owens ranks among the most vocal and continues to rally African-Americans to support President Trump and GOP through the Blexit movement.

“The luckiest black people to ever live in the history of the world, are the ones living in America today. A new black America is on the horizon. We are no longer swallowing the Left’s poison,” Owens said. “If Democrats left America like they keep promising to, a lot of race issues would be repaired overnight. They create, perpetuate and exaggerate racial unrest to sustain their party.”

Other icons have also come forward to lend support for the Trump Administration based on the pronounced gains of African-Americans attributed to the America First policies. Rapper Kanye West has repeatedly met with the president, and Grey’s Anatomy star Isaiah Washington has gone on the record joining the “#WalkAway” movement after attending the First Step Act sentencing and prison reform law signing at the White House.

What’s particularly telling as the nation readies for the 2020 presidential election is that Hillary overwhelmingly carried black and latino voters in 2016 — and lost. President Trump reportedly earned only about 8 percent of African-American and 29 percent of Latino-American votes. More than a year away from the next election, President Trump’s support among Latino voters has reportedly topped 50 percent, and African-Americans are upwardly trending at 29 percent. With an increase in Black and Latino voters supporting President Trump, Americans can expect a landslide victory in 2020.

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